We provide a comprehensive scanning solution including tools for barcode recognition and image enhancement, electronic conversion and archiving of documents, electronic signature and time stamps, indexing, data and information mining from both structured and unstructured documents (Data Capture) using OCR, ICR and OMR technologies from Kofax, OpenText EnterpriseScan or ReadSoft and transfer them to other systems, including outsourcing of scanning and data mining.

Main benefits:

  • Increased efficiency of the process of working with documents
  • Quick and easy access to documents and information from anywhere
  • Sharing of documents throughout the whole organization
  • Saving time and cost of manual data processing
  • Secure storage of documents with instant access
  • Preventing loss of documents

Specialized areas:

  • Analysis of the need to scan documents and further processing
  • Delivery of professional scanners and scanning programs
  • Deploying scanning solutions based on customer needs
  • Documents marking with electronic signature and optical archiving
  • Data mining from structured and unstructured paper-based documents (OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode and patch codes recognition)
  • Transmission of scanned and extracted data to any third-party systems (ERP, economic systems, CRM etc.)
  • Providing of scanning and data mining outsourcing, if the customer does not want to deal with internal resources

Often Processed documents:

  • incoming letters and mail
  • incoming invoices
  • delivery notes
  • faxes
  • customer forms and questionnaires


We provide the latest technologies of KOFAX (Kofax CaptureKofax Transformation Modules or Kofax Express) that meet the most demanding requirements of our customers.


Our solutions allow:

  • Transfer of hard copy originals into electronic form using a scanner
  • Data and information mining from structured and unstructured documents using latest technologies
    OCR - this technology converts the typed text from the document image into editable text in format like MS Word, MS Excel etc.
    ICR - processes handwriting and extracts data from manually filled forms
    OMR - data mining form the check boxes
    OBR - data mining from the barcodes
  • formats.
  • Data mining operations from structured document with recent technologies