Hardware equipment supply, installation and configuration: Server, PC, Routers, Printers, Multifunction. We supply market leading brands and we are able to provide installation services and technical assistance. We have the expertise to advise, sell, install and configure basic popular IT software and applications. We have certified and qualified personnel with specific skills.
We provide technical assistance services by telephone, by remote support or directly to the customer's location according to the issues specified previously. Our technicians will advise you to maintain full efficiency in wired LANs, wireless networks, switches and routers that allow the client /server/internet communication in your company. Certified Firewalls with Linux OS based infrastructure. Sharing with secure access policies defined by the administrator of hard disk drives, printers, back-up resources in the network, NAS, Firewall.


Custom Software Creation
Each project will be followed by a skilled team composed by analysts and developers in order to understand customer needs in order to realize a software solution that will fully meet these expectations.
The achieved results to identify our Company as a real alternative to the big national software companies. Customers will be satisfied with timely solutions targeted to their needs. Our projects are focused on the software development for the healthcare sector, prevention and workplace safety, scanning services and data processing of pharmaceutical recipes.


We recently launched this sector and we attributed to it specific human, technical and commercial resources; it is responsible for converting any paper document into a digital format which can be accessed by a computer. the purpose is to benefit from the technology advantages in order to destroy the docs materiality which slow companies workflow. We constantly deal research and development within this sector.


Our company has engaged for years a market analysis, research and development strategy in order to find new IT solutions able to improve industrial processes and information flows. Thanks to this corporate strategy our company has step by step established a constant presence in the landscape of national companies.