Kofax transformation Modules

Kofax Transformation Modules is a leading product for the processing of structured, semi structured and completely unstructured documents such as invoices or incoming post. Get a comprehensive, user-friendly and easy to use tool for automatic sorting and extracting data from different types of documents.

Main features:

  • Automatic sorting of documents by content or appearance
  • Automatic data extraction from any document regardless of format
  • Technology for sorting and data extraction is continuously enhanced using the application (learn-by-example), which reduces configuration time compared with traditional technologies based on prepared models and processing rules
  • Specific application solutions such as invoice processing can be set up directly from the supplied software



  • Faster return of investment in an electronic document processing - processing of all incoming mail within a single platform
  • Continuous improvement of the accuracy and performance of the application - continuous monitoring and self-learning of the product (based on the processing of a first of each specific document type the following documents of the same type are processed automatically, etc.)
  • Easy collaboration and compatibility with a wide range of high volume scanners for document processing and with different archiving solutions
  • Quick learning process of product use by staff and administrators (user-friendly and easy to use)
  • Quick and easy implementation - minimum required professional services
  • Easy administration
  • Automatic extraction of content from incoming documents - data can then be used as information intended for indexing or archiving of documents


Uses cases:

  • Automated invoice processing and extraction of data required to execute the transaction
  • Automated order processing
  • Workflow automation
  • Automated saving of images to the archive
  • Business process automation

You insert a package consisting of invoices, letters, delivery notes, faxes, etc. to the scanner and Kofax Transformation Modules will handle perfect classification and data extraction using OCR.