Kofax Express

Kofax Express provides all the tools for easy batch scanning of documents in one application. It includes Kofax VRS (Virtual ReScan), which automatically without operator intervention improves the scanned image. The system significantly reduces the cost of scanning and increases effectiveness of subsequent processing by OCR.

Main features :

    • Barcode recognition
    • Batch scanning
    • Extraction and indexing of structured documents using zonal OCR (self-learning product - based on the processing of first document the other documents of the same type are processed automatically)
    • Easy indexing of documents by simply marking the field and everything is then entered automatically (Rubber Band OCR)
    • Separation of documents based on barcode or patch code value change, blank worksheet, etc.
    • Scanning of batches with different sizes of originals, format auto fit
    • Automatic alignment of misaligned originals
    • Automatic setting of the correct brightness according to the currently processed original
    • Contrast enhancement for dull originals
    • Suppression of various background marks in order to reduce the output file size
    • Automatic rotation of originals to ensure correct orientation of the text - easier requirements for batch preparation
    • Noise reduction


Kofax VRS (Virtual ReScan)
Kofax VRS performs multi-point inspection of each document while scanning the image. VRS continuously monitors and adjusts the correct alignment, brightness, contrast and clarity of the display so that any discrepancies are corrected immediately and the resulting image is the most readable.


Main features of Kofax VRS:

  • Perfectly scanned document
  • Automatic contrast enhancement
  • Removal of impurities
  • Automatic rotation of pages according to text direction
  • Deletion of blank pages