Kofax Capture delivers powerful and professional solution for scanning documents and data with the fastest and most flexible solution for indexing. It enables automatic processing and extraction of structured documents, such as forms, where you can specify what data you want to extract by OCR and where exactly are the data located on the document.

Kofax Capture scans documents and forms, i.e. easily and in high speed converts them into electronic form, extracts the required information (reads populated fields, recognizes checkboxes and other standard marks), checks the data and forwards them for further processing.

It is compatible with most scanners and other devices for scanning documents, with document management systems, with applications for business process management and with databases. Regardless of what hardware or enterprise software applications are used, Kofax Capture will ensure a consistent document capture, indexing and evaluation of your important information.

Benefix of Cofax Capture:

  • Elimination of manual transcription of data
  • Automation of document handling
  • Significant savings of time and work with structured documents, including related costs
  • Reduction of errors by automated data extraction

Kofax Capture can be extended with automatic recognition of forms using ICR (is able to extract important information for example from handwritten words, typing, barcodes or even from the preprinted frames), very accurate zonal OCR and easily realizable OMR.
In addition, Kofax Capture can do the same powerful indexing and validation of information, whose source is not on a paper. These include electronic documents, multimedia files and even XML files from other systems.

Key features:

  • Batch scanning with automatic separation of individual documents (eg. based on barcodes)
  • Document rotation
  • Automatic alignment of source documents
  • Option to additionally scan missing pages and add them to the document in the scanning client environment
  • Creation of scanning profiles for different types of originals
  • Support for barcodes regardless of their location - reading and separation of documents
  • Automatic document naming using the barcode number without the user having to manually enter it
  • Automatic check of accuracy of the barcode
  • Definition and separation of multiple barcodes on the original and scanning only the requested type
  • Support for multipage TIFF format for multipage documents
  • Saving of scanned documents into a user-specified directory
  • Data mining from scanned document


KC adapts your needs

Customized modules - flexible architecture allows to customize the application according to your needs and create your own modules - from powerful modules for forms processing that can retrieve information even from the most complex documents, to scanning postal mail or archiving to microfilm for long-term storage of records.

Input control unit - creation of input scripts for Kofax Capture from various business applications.

Customizable user interface - ability to adjust the Kofax Capture user interface via Visual Basic, Visual C++ or any other programming language that supports COM.

Interface for searching in databases - easy configuration of sophisticated search of databases without creating a custom script.

Flexible information output - transfer of information into workflow or ECM system using output scripts written in Visual Basic. Choice of prepared output scripts from a product library or creation of custom module using the source code. Kofax Capture allows transferring data into multiple systems simultaneously.

Kofax Capture adapts the growth of your company

Kofax Capture is suitable for processing small volumes of documents (about 100 daily) as well as high-volume processing of hundreds of thousands of documents daily.
Kofax Capture network installation can be easily expanded by adding more scanning, recognition, evaluation and output stations.
Using Kofax Capture Internet Server and Kofax Collection Server applications is possible additional expansion by installing detached scanning and indexing stations anywhere in the world while connecting everything to your central site via the internet or corporate network.