Goodmen srl borns in 2002. The activity started only providing simple hardware and software technical assistance services, in a small office with few resources.Determination and passion to this job led the two members to leave their previous occupations and to establish the company. The corporate story begins with limited resources and basic equipment, but a great enterprising spirit has led to the consolidation of a company in constant development.

Over the years we evolved both in terms of services offered to users both in terms of technical equipment and we now represent a valid business partner in Information Technology.We provide IT tools and solutions in order to improve efficiency and performance. We offer advanced technologies with high quality services. The company name is a fruitful synthesis between the science/technology approach and the customer needs.We propose ourselves as an ideal partner for those who actually feel the need to grow and develop by providing technical support to process integrated solutions and appropriate expertise, which they always guarantee a personalized, proactive and effective service.

Our goal is a modern and smart business model, focused on technology and highly skilled staff; The strategy of continuous market analysis, constant research and development of new solutions helped our company to remain in the market and now, step by step, Goodmen has established its presence in the regional world of IT companies.The company's policy has the aim to offer a single point of contact to its customers which it's able to provide ad hoc solutions and keep the pace with technological change.

The extensive experience and design capabilities are the tools that we provide in order to increase productivity and internal efficiency of our customers.

Our basic structure is enhanced by professional partnerships and specialists collaborations in order to offer a global service to our clients.